Thursday, 29 August 2013

Arts and Crafts

I haven't posted anything since July, which seems rather a long time ago now. I was on one Christian youth camp, and then a hol with the fam in Tuscany and the my Church youth camp. Which I had heaps to get ready for, here is me starting to pack up all the Arts and crafts stuff for camp.

This is just the contents of one box. There were heaps more to try and squeese into my car and the mini bus. Another six boxes.

These are a couple of the fabrics that I bought for some of my crafts.

And some pretty scraps that always come in handy.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get heaps of photos of some of the things people made. But here is a wee taste.

This is a wee felt tiger made by one of the boys in the upper sixth, I think its a solid effort. I did offer him a pattern for it, but he ploughed in and made it up himself from the pic in the book.

One craft that was very popular was the notebooks, we always take loads of notes in camp from the meetings, we're blessed with some amazing speakers, so this idea really appealed. A lot of girls decided to recover their bibles too, everyone loves a pretty bible. 

This was another felt animal, adapted from a  rabbit pattern in this book Home made Vintage Gifts, which is a lovely book just too look at even. As you can see its a sweet koala, and it was made using an old cashmere jumper of mine that I felted, so the baby that will be its recipient will have something extremely soft. The girl that made this did an ace job.

There was defs a large variation of skill level involved, ranging from crafty girls down to boys hanging around  because there was some girl they fancied and wanted to impress, but most of the options simplified down fairly well, so I'm pleased. I had an absolutely fab week, but am now rather catching up on lost sleep. 

Hope your summer hols were splendid too.
Tons of love
Eggs xx

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