Sunday, 6 October 2013

E is for Eggs - Fifth Block

I deviated a wee bit again. basically I decided pretty early on that I wanted to do N is for Night, from the boys quilt, so nests were put to one side. Then I came to E, and the more I looked at the egg from the book, the more I didn't want to do it. 

These are what eggs look like to me (these are from our chickens). Not what is in the book. Easter eggs are just made from chocolate as far as I am concerned, so it just didn't fit any egg I knew, despite being very pretty.

But I really wanted to do Eggs, for the obvious reason that it is my name. Then I remembered N is for Nest.

And it fit perfectly. I used satin stitch for the eggs, and split stitch for the nest.

I'm rather happy with it. What do you think?

I also started another quilt this week. This arrived on Thursday.

The Papillion Honey Bun I ordered, and I just couldn't wait to open it up and start making something.

I've been making log cabins.

They've been coming out beautifully square, one of the advantages of using precuts. 

Love Eggs xxx


  1. I love how you are making it your own. I agree that Easter eggs are chocolate. Your eggs are perfect!

  2. Your eggs look great! Your log cabin quilt looks cute too! I made a log cabin cushion over the weekend - great minds must think alike, right?!

  3. I have that book and plan to start doing the stitching when a few WIPs are finished - and I may just have to copy your eggs, they are absolutely darling! And much more year-round than an Easter egg. Well done! Loving the log cabin squares too...Chrissie x

  4. Sweet embroidered eggs!
    Love the fabrics you chose, the log cabin blocks look very pretty and must make up much more quickly without all the fiddly measuring and cutting. Look foward to seeing more!
    Just found your lovely blog as I saw you were a new follower on mine - welcome, and thankyou for following!
    Gill xx

  5. E is for Eeeep! I absolutely adore how you make your eggs .. all filled in with the satin stitch! So pretty. I also love how you figured out a way to rename the design to suit you. Perfect. :) xo k