Friday, 13 September 2013

A small confession

I love the 3 Sisters, if I had a favourite fabric designer(s), I would without hesitation say that was it. I first realised my love with the line Paris Flea market, who doesn't love it, to quote Kristyne of Pretty by Hand,

 "I remember the first time I saw it in a local quilt shop.  It's hard for me to explain how I felt.  Goosebumps.  Accelerated heart rate.  Love at first sight sort of thing.  You know - like when time slows down and everything else in the room disappears.  Like that.  It was the most incredible fabric I'd ever seen. 
As in like EVER ever."
I absolutely loved the line, and so became aware of the designers. Two realisations have happened subsequently. 
i) As I use up odd pieces of fabric that I have randomly bought over the years, it is ridiculous the proportion I have now noticed are designed by the 3 Sisters, so clearly you can see where my taste lies.
ii) As I look over peoples blogs and projects over the years I notice all the lines that I have missed out on, being rather late to the party, and I want them desperately.
Which brings me to my confession.
Despite saying not so long ago saying that I wasn't going to buy any fabric for a while. The 3 sisters seems to be my weakness. I have made several purchases over the last couple of days. One of my favourite places to get bargain fabric is this lovely lady, on ebay. She has such good taste, and I want to buy nearly all her fabric when she sells it. But today I managed to buy two charm packs, and some yardage of Astor Manor, from her.

Isn't it pretty?

These two are lovely and delicate.

Which is necessary to balance out some of the stronger patterns. I love that they always include a paisley of some sort in all their lines.

I'm thrilled. I hovered over the ebay page in fear for the last ten mins of the auction  I'm always amassed at peoples ability to "snipe".

I can even out by good price by my other recent splurge. I a Papillon Honey bun, and some other 3 sisters fat quarters from this Etsy shop, Melody of the heart, again I can't fault her taste, most of the stuff in her shop is 3 Sisters and French General, and although the prices are reasonable, she is based in the US, so I have to pay a lot for postage. 
As I said though 3 Sisters is my fabric weakness, now I need to find some Aviary, and Seaside Rose, which I really want. What are you fabric weaknesses. 

Love Eggs xxx

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  1. Sewing mainly with vintage and pre-used fabric, and buying little new, I had never heard of 3 sisters fabric, but having loved French General fabrics for a long time I checked out the Etsy store you linked to and they are indeed lovely fabrics - and I think I have seen them before without knowing who they were designed by.
    Thanks for sharing!