Friday, 6 September 2013

New Fabric

I popped into my local today, Puddle Duck Quilts to choose some fabric to use for the sashing of my ABC quilt. Armed with my padstow charm pack, so that the colours would go beautifully, I'm so boring, I was determined to chose something  different and exciting, maybe from another fabric manufacturer. This is what I  got.

Lets play a game, it's called spot which two fabrics are the same.
Between this and ....


Yes I ended up with the purple one from the Padstow range, but it's such a pretty colour, and of course it matches and tones in, they're the same fabric. I ended up giving up like this, because often when I try to pick fabrics interdependently I end up inadvertently choosing from the same fabric line anyway.

I also bought these two fat quarters, one is from the Athill range, also Cabbages and Roses, and the other is a pretty floral by Joanna Figaro.

I also bought these lovely Lecien prints, mainly from this lovely shop, Sew and Sos. A lot of them are various Durham Anews, but a couple are Antique Flower. In my head a lovely very low volume, softly coloured quilt is forming, and I think most of these fabrics are in it.

But this means no more fabric for a while. I'll try.

Love Eggs xxx

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