Thursday, 19 September 2013

B is for Ballerina - Second block for the ABC BOW

Here is my B embroidery. I'm a little unhappy with this one, as it is probs my favourite letter in the book, and I don't feel I did it justice, the skirt is uneven. I used satin for the leotard, split stitch for the upper petals of the skirt, and stem stitch for the lower. 

I forgot to say last week that I use pencil to mark my fabric, and I just draw/copy it free hand, as I find tracing a bit fiddly, and far too complicated if you are scaling up.


 Love Eggs xxx


  1. It looks gorgeous. This really makes me wish I was doing a girl's quilt! Thanks for linking up :-)

  2. Its lovely :-) I am using pencil to draw on my fabric too and it seems to be fine so far - fingers crossed!