Tuesday, 3 September 2013

ABC quit along.

I've been itching to do a wee quilt for a while now, and have been greatly admiring those with embroidery all over them, so when I saw this ABC quilt along, organised by this lovely blog shush I'm quilting, I thought it was perfect, particularly as it is based upon a book written by the lady behind one of my favourite blogs, Pretty by Hand.

I've never taken part in a quilt along so I'm rather excited.
This is also giving me the occasion to use a charm pack from one of my favourite fabric designers, Cabbages and Roses, it's the padstow range, and isn't it gorgeous.

I love the love soft purple colours

And the dusky deep reds.

Then there are all the lovely floral prints, both larger and the dainty smaller flower sprays.

There are also colours that I wouldn't list if asked, but when you see them you realise how much you love them, like the oaty cream.

And the soft dove greys.

I've found some threads that pick out all those colours, so I suppose that I shall try and focus on these as often as possible.

So watch this space, I'm actually really excited. I think I've allready said that. I have vague thoughts of a potential recipient at the other end, who is even more cabbages and roses then I am even, we'll see if I'll be able to bear to part with it.
Love Eggs xxx

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