Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lovely Fabric

Lovely New Fabric

I thought I would show you some lovely fabric that I have bought recently. It was rather a spree. But you just sort of get into a habit, and once you've bought something it's easy to continue.

 These lovely prints are called Shakespeare's Flowers  and I bought them on ebay for a song, from a lovely lady who is auctioning off her stash.

This is part of the botanical range by Makower, if I haven't mentioned it before I love flowers, and there are lots of pretty little, "postcardy" bits to cut out and use for things. 

Look at the lovely panels, roses, butterflies and handwriting.

Here I'm displaying my weakness for Paris flea market, by 3 sisters, for moda, I just love alot, and feel like its going to all sell out, and I'm never going to get a chance to buy it again, as everyone seems to love it. Maybe that's unreasonable?

These following are all bought from a lovely little shop Nerybeth Fabric, mainly on ebay, although she does have a website too, which has different things.

I really love this collection Mill book series by Howard Marcus, for Moda. Again its pretty, old fashioned and floral, and a lovely purple.

And more 3 sisters fabric, this time Lario, I don't like it quite as much as Paris Flea Market, as the colours are rather bright, but I think with a lot of cream in a quilt, its going to look lovely.

Then finally these fat quarters, no idea what I'm going to do with them, probs some sort of small project like a tea cosy?

I also found this lovely bed sheet in one of my favourite charity shops, Hospice in the Weald, for only two pounds, plus a fitted sheet, which is sort of immaterial and surplus. I'm going to be using this for backing for one of my quilts.

So now you've seen my excess, what do you think good choices? I promise they were all really good prices.

Love Eggs xxx

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