Thursday, 20 June 2013

My First Post

My First Post

Hello, lots of lovely people out there who might ever see fit to glance at this blog. I really hope this goes well. I've decided that I might try and give this a go and see whether I can keep it up. I'm not the most techno minded person in the world, so lots of the elements of making a blog are a wee bit foreign to me, so a lot of this is temporary while I figure out how to do it better.

I make lots of lovely things and so I thought I might have a wee go at this sharing them lark. Above you can see my work space. Once upon a time it was supposed to be a desk, but I like to work on the floor. Then it was re imagined as a dressing table, but my radiator seems to do more then a good enough job of that, so it was excepted as a permanent residence for my Sewing machine. 

I have a Bernina 1008, which is brilliant. I have grown up around berninas, both my grandmothers and mother have always had them, so for me there is no other way.

So I shall now share current projects.
At the mo I am making a quilt using the Three Sisters' Paris Flea market collection which I love. it is my fabric tastes almost to a tee. I would describe them as muted and floral generally, very Laura Ashley.

I am hoping to make a quilt for a single bed, which I have renamed "Rose Trellis". I love this kind of quilt, but it's name has always been a huge bug bear for me, and it is irritatingly grammatically incorrect, with all it's apostrophes in the wrong places. Also as mine will be more random in arrangement, there won't be any visible Xs or Os, but rather a nice lattice structure. Hence my new name.

I think this is one of my favorite prints from the line, (sorry about the darkness of these pics, I took them at night).

Here are all my half square triangle that I cut off. I go back and sew them as I go before I trim, so that I can use them for something else at some point. Maybe baby pinwheels?

If you look closely you'll see the reading for this last week. I'm going through a bit of a phrase.

Love Eggs xxx

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