Thursday, 27 June 2013


Its a bad habit to start moving on to the next thing when you're working on another quilt. But I was having so much fun trying to match (or rather unmatch) colours and patterns on my Rose Trellis quilt that I felt the urge to do something that takes scrappieness seriously, and doesn't just pretend, so I didn't have to think so much. So I started making four patches with some of my Lario material. I like it but the colours aren't completely to my taste, so I think I shall probs end up giving this away.

I always think when one is chain piecing through the machine that it always ends up looking like really weird bunting.

I used the Missouri Star Quilt Co's scrappy four patch tutorial to make these and it turned out rather well.

Only nice easy cutting, two and a half inches, right down the middle.

Then you iron them out.

Then sew them together. I have to say as this is my entirely scrappy creation I was less concerned about the same fabrics being in a four patch block, as long as the same patterns and colours were opposite rather then touching. I love the long row of these above, it would make rather a nice border. This is the point were you don't iron the seams before you cut.

Voila, lots of lovely four patches, ready to be made into something, but first back to my Rose Trellis quilt. The wadding came yesterday, so I'm already to go as soon as I get the top together.

Love Eggs xxx

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