Friday, 21 June 2013

Rocking Horse Disaster

Rocking Horse Saddle Blanket

A couple of years ago, when the Wee One (my smallest brother), was even smaller then he is now, he was given this beautiful rocking horse for Christmas.

 Unfortunately for him it was only on loan, ie it will stay in the 'rents house until they die, then he would get first dibs on it.

It is beautiful, the 'rents have always loved beautiful rocking horses, and so to finally own a proper one was deffs a check off their list. I used to have a gorgeous dapple grey one in my Nursery Class at school, which got moved out into a main hall way after we moved up. Lets just say I was genuinely not involved in the hair cut that some girls thought it needed. They were only three at the time.

It used to have this saddle blanket.

Which used to go extremely well with this sofa, which was in the room next door.

But now we have this new Sofa, and it doesn't go anymore. O dear.

As you can also see it is rather sun bleached, the only area that escaped were covered by the saddle.

In fact you can see that even the wood has suffered rather, which is the problem with have light filled orangeries. 

So I've been commissioned to make another one.

Not too bad for something that took all of about ten mins.

Now it tones in well with our sofa. Not that you can ever look at them at the same time.... they are after all in different rooms. But then that's my mother, the whole house blends seamlessly from one room to the next. Except for my room, wrong colour scheme. 

Love Eggs xxx 

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