Thursday, 27 June 2013

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Project Two - Lavender Bags

I thought for a second project we could make lavender bags, always useful, and as we have so much embroidery thread already for the friendship bracelets, it doesn't involve tons of extra stuff.

I'm trying to keep it simple as ideally they aught to be able to make it with a low skill level, and in one session. Most of the girls aught to be able to do french knots, I learnt when I was nine, and they're fifteen and up.

The colours on this are a wee bit pink in shade for lavender, by I just grabbed my thread box as I went out babysitting, and so had to make do with what I had.

I have an unreasonable level of affection for this material, I absolutely love the colour. I wish I had more of it. I never even had that much to start with, as I acquired when I was cleaning out the holiday club supplies room at church, and we decided to get rid of a whole load of scraps, most yucky browns, but not this. Now its sadly dwindling.

I always refer to this as Milly-molly-mandy fabric after the books by Joyce Lance Green, as it reminds me of her dress. There is a lovely story where she goes to the haberdashery with her mother to get fabric for her new dress, and she picks a lovely floral, alas it is not to be, as there is only enough for one, and she is too kind for her own good and lets another girl have it, and ends up with her usual fabric for the new dress. 

I sewed little patches round the sides to make it a wee bit more interesting.

Then I sandwiched it with lace and the back, to get this lovely edging. Never do you feel the lack of the sewing machine as much as when your doing a running stitch, but I needed to keep reminding myself I won't have one there. I had to do this when I was babysitting, away from home, in order not to give into the temptation. 

And here it is stuffed with lavender and finished off. It's not stuffed plumply, as it's lavender, and I may have made it a tad big, but that' s why I'm trailing these things so I can make corrections.

I also added the ribbon loop, so it can be hung around hangers, so it can go in wardrobes as well as chests of drawers.

So what do you think? A success?
love Eggs xxx

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