Friday, 5 July 2013

An Update on my Rose Trellis Quilt

Laying out blocks is horrible. As I have been hinting in my other posts, I have not been enjoying avoiding the same fabrics and colours touching etc. I've decided on my layout now, its not perfect but it will do, as this is just a quilt I'm making for myself I'm not too worried. I've managed to get the dark colours spaced out well anyway.

Seeing it all together like this, makes me wish I didn't have the reds, or the dark yellows in the quilt. I really like the fabrics, but they don't go with the more faded aspect of the other colours, which would be lovely all over the quilt. I think when I come to use my Paris Flea market Jelly roll, which I have squirreled away, I shall take them out.
Now I've sewed all the rows together, so I'm on the last we stretch for the top of this quilt.

Love Eggs xxx

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