Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Arts and Crafts

Project Three

Small notebooks are always a useful thing to have in your handbag, particularly on camp, where the campers are often taking lots of notes from all the talks, and seminars we have, so I thought another nice project, that doesn't have to involve any sewing would be pretty decorated fabric notebooks.

I just wrapped this as one would a present, or a hymn book at school (did anyone else use the Come and Praise books when they were little?). I stuck it down with PVA glue.

Then the idea is to decorate how they see fit. Lace, scraps of fabric, buttons, I even bought a nature book, from our Oxfam books, to cut up and use the flower/butterfly/bee pictures. There is something abhorrent about cutting up a book like that, but I managed to hack through the first couple of pages, so I shan't feel so bad on camp now.

Here is my one. I decided to go for a bunting theme, but after a trip through the new Paperchase, that has opened on the high street, I'm really wishing that I had done strawberries. Oh well.

This is the wee bit, I embroidered and stuck on the back.

Hope you are all enjoying the Sun shine.

Love Eggs xxx

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