Friday, 19 July 2013

Blocks for my Scrap Sampler Quilt

I have been making some blocks for a Sampler quilt I am working on, that you may have caught sight of in some of my pictures, so I thought I would share them with you. As far as they have come along.

This one is a Grandmother's fan block, I still haven't added the centre quarter circle as I can't decide whether to go low or high volume for the fabric. What do you think?

The pattern magazine that I got this template from called this a Lazy Daisy block, which I think is a lovely name, but I haven't seen it called that anywhere else. Again, I need to add a centre circle to this block, but need to decide on fabric.

I used the Missouri Star Quilt co. tutorial to make this star block. I absolutely adore this way of making half square triangles, particularly in this case when you need four of each type for the block. I love the grey fabric in this block, which I have used else where, I never realised how much I liked this soft colour, and I think I shall buy more of it at some stage.

Then for another block I am doing a strip of  patchwork hexagons, I think I need to add another row of hexagons on each end of this to be the right length. About nine inches I think? I might end up doing another Block of appliqued hexagon flowers in this quilt?

I think I'm going to embroider a Bible verse for the central block, and am pretty sure I have one in mind. (Isiah 14v 26-27) I'll sew it then decide whether thats the one I want.
I'm also getting on with my quilting of the rose trellis quilt, which is staying on my desk, until I get it done. As you can see its still rather sunny outside.

If anyone has any suggestions of blocks (or verses), I could do, I'd love to hear them.
Love Eggs xxx

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