Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Free motion quilting straight lines.

After a slightly less productive weekend then I had hoped, sorry but Tennis just got in the way, what a match, then there was the lions match on Saturday as well, I've finally got my quilt top together.

I'm really happy with how it looks altogether, and it fits my bed. I went for just a plain white border as there wasn't enough of it in my quilt, I tend to favour a half print ,half cream fabric, type of quilts.
I managed to get it basted quickly, thanks to those lovely curved safety pins, so now its on to quilting it.

Just looking at that makes my neck ache. It's so heavy. I tend to use curtain cotton interlining as my batting. I can usually get it rather cheap, its so lovely and soft, and it's just what I've always used. Probably as it was something that was always around the house in bolts, to use. My mother makes lots of curtains.

I'm quilting it free motion as it's not just lots of long lines, I'm picking out the lattice shapes. But they are still for the most part straight lines, absolutely horrible. I'm doing roses in the white squares, and that's nice and easy. But I am not having fun with the straight lines. But I don't fancy having to turn that great big lump at every corner, if I had the dog teeth up, so I'm persevering.

Love Eggs xxx  

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