Thursday, 4 July 2013

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Project Two (continued)
I was babysitting the other night, and before I knew it I had these two lavender bags to add to my examples foe camp.

I do like the fact that this one decided to be a non quadrilateral shape, though I think I shall have to make a proper template for the girls, so theirs turn out more even then this one. 

I really wanted to do heaps with the daisies and flower design on this one, but I left it simple as the girls have to think its easy to do, and it really is, I love how quick a daisy stitch is.

I didn't make this little lavender bag, I admit, but its so lovely that I had to add it. I bought it years ago at a fete thinking that I could easily freshen up the lavender in the lace under her skirt, but never got round to it until I was stuffing these. But I do want to try and make a copy, my sister and I used to make peg dolls all the time. Hmmm maybe another project for camp?

Love Eggs xxx

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