Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rule Britannia (or it's never too hot to drink tea)

One of the things that I really love making is tea cosies, they don't take too long, as they're not very big, and quilting them is a dream, as they are titchy in comparison to quilts, and have a mentioned how much of the stuff I drink, it's always worth while making up a pot. When we went off to Uni I made them for all my friends, as we faced the dreaded freezing halls. My tea cosy is practically a pillow, but then that is what you need when you go to uni in Scotland.

Some of my friends are moving to Italy, and although its rather hot there one of the things they are going to miss the most about the UK, is the ease of buying proper tea, I think half their luggage is taken up with tea leaves and bags. So I thought I'd make them a tea cosy.

This was the design I decided on, just in case they forgot where they're from.... 

I used Dandylion's daydreams tutorial to make it, and it was great. For a long time I have been frustrated with the fact that I can't find any Union flag blocks with uneven white diagonal strips. It just looks completely wrong when they are the same width. But this tutorial makes the flag properly. I used some of my Lario fabric, by 3 sisters for Moda. I think the red is just right, though I'm sad I couldn't find a darker blue.

It was really clear, and well explained. There was a wee bit of ripping stitches when I rushed ahead with the St Georges cross, without being told to, whoops. Please don't anyone mention the upside down top right block. By the time I noticed it was all together, and I couldn't bare to pick it apart again. But if I was making more then one of these, those problems would be quickly fixed.

On the back I used a simple cream and green fabric, from the 3 sisters Martinique collection, and stuck with just simple stipple quilting all over.

I added a wee embroidered tag in the corner.

I also embroidered this on the back, as tea really is the Elixir of Life, I don't think I could survive with out it.
What do you think?

Love Eggs xxx

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